The mental ray renders above were created by using composite materials of mental ray glass and standard materials. All together the bottles, liquor, the glass, and ice cubes are about 1.5k faces. Both the "Jake Morgan's" and the "Sasereck Rye" bottles have normal maps that I baked using high poly models to soften some edges and help create decorative surface detail. The "Crown Regal" bottle however uses a gray scale bump map since creating the surface detail with polygons  wouldn't have been practical. The diffuse, specular, alpha, and bump maps were made on adobe illustrator and photoshop. 

Have you ever noticed how detailed and intricately designed some liquor bottles are? Presentation is clearly a very big deal to the competing brands of alcoholic beverages who want to make you feel like you are drinking something special. To a 3D artist the bottles present a great opportunity to show off some technical and artistic skills for creating efficient but attractive props so I made a few spoofs of some well known brands.


Spoof Whiskey Bottles