An unusually long great sword with powerful thrust attacks wielded by the elite knights of a once mighty kingdom. The Phoenix became the symbol of worship for these high ranking knights who prayed to a god of fire and life and so the image of the phoenix was embellished upon their weapons.  

One of my favorite video game series of all time are the unforgiving fantasy themed Souls games created by Hidetaka Miyazaki and developed by his team at FormSoft. It is amazing the amount of love and attention they put into their worlds including every weapon and armor set in the game. For this project I drew a  huge amount of inspiration from the visual style and methods Miyazaki has incorporated into creating his weapons by challenging myself to create an efficient model with detailed Normal maps and complex Spec and Gloss maps for realistic light interactions. Thus the Holy Knight Great Sword was born.

Holy Knight Great Sword - Low Poly Model


The sword was modeled and unwrapped in 3Ds Max 2015 then exported to be sculpted in Mudbox 2016 over the course of about two days where I created various stencils for all of the embellishments and designs on the surface of the sword using vector graphics created on illustrator then modified to be used as displacement maps for Mudbox on Photoshop. Baking the normal map and painting the diffuse texture on Mudbox was done a day later. All of the final renders were done on 3Ds Max 2015 using mental ray materials.

The final bitmaps created from sculpting, painting, and Photoshop editing are the result of ​an in depth study and a lot of trial and error I had to do in order fully understand the roles each map has on light interaction. After this project I feel confident in my ability to direct material creation in my models thanks in part to Miyazaki and his Souls games for peaking my interest in detailed model creation for games.