Challenger Project

Ultimately I couldn't be happier that I took on the challenge of modeling the Challenger. From beginning to end this project alone was one of the most effective teachers I have had in learning about modeling and presentation of my creations. It has taught me lessons that i will take with me on all my future projects.

3D Car model based off of one of my favorite cars, the Dodge Challenger SXT. I love the old school look of the Challenger's body so when a school assignment called for modeling a car I instantly went for the Challenger. I had the opportunity to learn a great deal about Mental Ray materials and lighting for this project. After experimenting with many lighting set-ups I finally transitioned from using standard lighting to using mental ray daylight and sky portals and I really love the results.


Creating this model was all about pushing my skills in modeling, material creation, and lighting and the entire process was done on 3Ds Max. I used edge and box modeling techniques to create most of the objects. A lot of mistakes were made during the initial modeling of this car when I still had very little experience in detailed and accurate hard surface modeling. I had no idea how to increase the resolution of the reference images in my viewports believing it was a hardware issue related to my inadequate PC and ended up having to use a lot of guesswork when it came to placing some of the detail oriented vertices. I always had the intention of making this one of my portfolio pieces so when I finally came back to polish the model I had plenty of refining to do before it was ready.